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‘The Nutcracker’ gives snowflakes and miraculous towards the Florida Theater point in San Bernardino

Exceptional Thanksgiving holidays, just finished, are now quite good - good little ones, if it's true - dancers ‘The Nutcracker’ brings from the Inland Dance creation Nutcracker ballroom "come on their feet. Now 43, says Amendt, "said Plum Fairy, danced in the job, linguistic ballerina 2015 along the Euro 2013. It was Fritz season - the previous year was Clara. When is talking about Curtis.

East side of STROUDSBURG, Pennsylvania. - The Notara Dance Theater remembers the 35th anniversary of The Nutcracker on Wednesday. all day and at two o'clock: 25 and 7:25 g. m. and on the, late. 30, two: 25 g. m. Eastern Stroudsburg Secondary School Eastern Side Secondary School, 279 Northern Courtland E., Eastern The Nutcracker tickets Stroudsburg. Balanchine-style choreography, experienced dancers from the New York Ballroom, and neighborhood ballerinas led by the skilled American Ballroom Director, Sue Notara, are what really made this glamorous Casse- Hazelnut Ballroom. The Nutcracker Ballroom tells the story of Clara, who will receive the Nutcracker as a gift at her family's holiday event. The Nutcracker sooner or later became a handsome little royal prince, who sells her through a captivating environment, an excellent image of skiing, and on Candy's field where she satisfies the plum fairy. As efficiency ends, the fairy Sugar Plum closes the ambition novel and opens your heart to this year's miraculous. Tchaikovsky's comfortable holiday tunes convey to the public an enchanting property where everything is quite sweet, with the exception of the sword-to-shoulder combat relative to the computer mouse button with the Nutcracker. The form of this consecrated Dance of the Notara Dance Theater delighted young people with its expanded federal express within the Poconos for over 34 Notara Dance Theatre spectacular seasons. The Nutcracker Ballroom is acceptable to everyone. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket counter one hour before the current time. To purchase tickets in advance or for more information, visit the website notaranutcracker.

Wish that Longley plays the role of Clara's Celebration late for the schoolchildren. kept to an extreme importance.


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