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Bike-driving encounter slasher caught in La

A man who thought driving at the wheel of his caught police said. The media. "Worried neighborhood, together Bike-riding face slasher the two most affected situations on Monday." Victims suffered accidents in the face.The video footage found launched by the police, described it near the bus of the tour when the bike cut him off the face of tear. About later, police 7:40 am Another panic took place. The victim of Gateway has been reduced to nothing.

A man who rode a bicycle with a knife and sliced ​​the face and neck of nine people. The man continues to be arrested for several crimes. Twenty-year-old Lenrey Briones faces several cases of aggravated madness, two with aggravated insanity and second-rate theft, said the local lawyer's office. It is not certain that Briones has a law firm. The researchers said Briones had left his victims with reduced trauma after 13 years. 1 target required twenty joins. Det. David Garcia, from the authorities' department, said residents of South La had been dispelled since the criminal arrest, Abc La said. "People have been affected by this, I have spoken with people from the company, with parolees, with IDPs, with a lot of people who have been completely informed about the use of this angeles bike type of people. because this guy was victimizing innocent people, "Garcia said. Prosecutors said that once he had tried to take the bag of the victim. He could be sentenced to life imprisonment if he is accused of everything. .

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